Cookbook Education Spaces TU Delft

Our Cookbook Education Spaces TU Delft describes requirements for lecture halls and classrooms of Delft University of Technology. It contains three generic chapters:

A) Pedagogic Classification, B) Education Space Typologies, and C) Education Space Requirements.

Space Typologies versus Pedagogies

Space Typology versus Pedagogy

The Cookbook Education Spaces TU Delft has been drawn up in close co-operation with teaching staff, students and supporting staff. It provides an overview of education space typologies and its pedagogy for both teaching and learning environments, it presents guidelines for standardisation, operation and usability, and it is offered as checklist for designers and other project parties.

Additional chapters, which are not published openly, shall contain more specific and location-bound documentation, such as space allocation, AV-IT installation specs, functional and wire diagrams, etc.

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